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Fifth of Combs Sea Salt Spray is our most versatile product. Not only does this product offer added volume and a light hold, it can be used alone or harmoniouslt with another styling product!

For a "lazy day" or casual look, spray product into damp or dry hair and style hair as desired. As the product dries, it will add volume, texture, and waves.


As a prestyler, spray product into damp or dry hair. Then, take your styling product of choice (typically our Matte Cream), apply a small amount to your hair, and style as desired. This combination will add more volume. texture, and hold while keeping that natural look you know and love.

Sea Salt Spray

$17.99 Regular Price
$4.99Sale Price
    • Our most versatile product
    • Light Hold
    • Adds volume, texture, and waves
    • Blow dry for added volume
    • 8.5oz/250ml